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Toronto Rainbow Reef Rangers



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The Toronto Rainbow Reef Rangers is a non-profit Ontario-based diving club that promotes recreational scuba diving in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and transsexual (GLBTT) community.




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The Toronto Rainbow Reef Rangers was started in 2001 after a group of local divers attended a gay international SCUBA event called Diving For Life (DFL).  During this event the Ontario members raised over $2000, which would be donated to a local charity of their choice if they were part of a registered diving club.  After the divers' return to Canada, they created TRRR as a means of securing their raised funds for Casey House in Toronto.

The goal of TRRR is to unite and promote gay and lesbian scuba diving in the Toronto area.

TRRR participates in the annual Toronto Gay Pride Week festivities by sponsoring an information booth / parade float.

The Toronto Rainbow Reef Rangers meets the needs and interests of our members by:

  • Organizing discounted dive trips (local diving and Southern diving) and activities
  • Providing opportunity for those who want to try scuba diving to take the first steps towards certification
  • Promoting skill development, new dive experiences, and increased confidence in currently certified divers
  • Creating a social network that increases the availability of GLBTT dive buddies
  • Sharing member knowledge and dive experiences such as information on dive courses, dive shops, equipment and dive destinations
  • Providing Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) membership with TRRR membership