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Volunteers Needed, All OUT Swim 2013 on April 20th

Chim Kan's picture

My name is Chim and I am the volunteer coordinator for All OUT Swim 2013, a swimming competition on April 20th 2013 (Saturday) at the University of Toronto - Athletic Centre. We need volunteers to be our timers, stroke and turn judges, greeters, helpers to set up results posts, people to set up and wrap up the event, etc. It is very simple to register as volunteer, just go to and register now!

All OUT Swim is a swim meet organized by the Downtown Swimming Club Toronto and it is sanctioned by the Masters Swimming Ontario. It is an event that attracts people from all Canada and the US!

I am responsible for recruiting volunteers to support the meet. Currently, we have thirty three registered volunteers and my aim is to reach seventy. That is why I'm reaching OUTSPORT Toronto community for help. We are expecting to have between two to three hundred swimmers competing this year. It is definitely a big event.

Swimmers or not, all of you are welcomed to volunteer. This is a great opportunity to see how a swimming competition is organized, a great place to meet people, a great place to learn more about swimming and a great place to have fun with your friends and family.

If you are not able to make it that day, please ask your friends and family to participate! Or if you just want to compete, feel free to do so by registering at .

Personally, I will be competing and volunteering at the same time. I set myself this challenge to see how far I can go and endure. I will be swimming 800m (FREE), 400m (FREE) and 200m (BREAST), that is really going to test my endurance! This challenge keeps me motivated in a lot of different fronts. First, I think it is a great way to meet awesome people. Second, it helps me to create roots in Toronto (I'm still fresh to YYZ). Also, it keeps me healthy and fit. Last but not least, it is my way to contribute to this vibrant LGBT community.

Come out on April 20th! Volunteer now, .

Yours truly,

Chim Kan
Volunteer Coordinator All OUT Swim 2013